Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina
Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina
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Best Selling Marina Dhow Cruise Deals!

If you love looking at the blue water and the sight of beautiful monuments around it then Marina Dhow Cruise is the best place to go for. It is such an aesthetically pleasing tour to the sea. Marina Dhow Cruise is famous for its beautiful and famous landmark sightseeing. The cruise comes with several activities and a promise that you will spend a quality time on the voyage.

Things to Do During Marina Dhow Cruise:  

·  Take pictures! You have the blue water. You have your beautiful self, your family or companions. Enjoy the sightseeing.

·  If you love staring at the waves dancing uniformly then just look out of the Cruise and you will find the inner peace you’ve been looking for.

·  Enjoy the variety of music provided by the live singer present on the cruise. Dedicate some songs to the loved ones and spend a good time.

·  Sightseeing is another thing for which the Dhow Cruise Dubai is famous. The Palm Island is one of the famous landmarks that can be seen from the cruise.

·  Enjoy the 5 Star Buffet dinner that will rejuvenate the soul of your day and you will enjoy every bit of your cruise.

Marina Dhow Cruise Deals:

·  5 Star Buffet Dinner:

The Royal Dinner for you to enjoy the cruise. Everything from starters to the traditional dishes is presented in this Buffet Dinner. The staff is very helpful and kind. Along with this delicious dinner, you can enjoy the sightseeing out the cruise too as this is what makes it more enjoyable. Pick and drop service is available in this deal. The fare may vary from kids to adults.

·  Entertainment & Marina Dhow Cruise:

This deal is an exquisite package of entertainment and the fun of the cruise. For the entertainment, a professional singer is present that sings soulful songs throughout the cruise to add melody in the air that will make your voyage so mesmerizing. Tanoura dancer is also present to color the atmosphere with his beautiful traditional dance. Dinner is also served in this deal. The fare may vary from kids to the adults.

·  Desert Safari and Marina Dhow Cruise:

This is a combo deal and still comes very handy as it unfolds so many activities. This deal gives you a day full of energy and makes sure that you enjoy every part of it. The day starts with desert safari and all the fun activities it includes and it ends with the heavenly view of the Dhow Cruise. Everything from the start to the end is so perfect that you will never forget this day. A true essence of Arab traditions and fun!

So these were all the things that you need to know about the soul touching Marina Dhow Cruise deals. The sightseeing, the atmosphere provided and the humble nature of the staff that you’ll meet is going to make your tour even more memorable. Book your favorite deal now and enjoy this calm aspect of Dubai. praise the surrounding and do take loads of pictures!
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